Hills Gypsy Presets

Nazy Farnoosh
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You guys asked and they're finally here! My PRESETS are UP!

#HILLSGYPSY mobile pack includes:

+3 different Lightroom Presets

1. Light Nudes

2. Dark Nudes

3. Creme Brulée


1. After your purchase, click the "download" button. If you do not see a "download" button - check your email you provided for the purchase.

2. If you downloaded the presets on your desktop computer, email them to yourself! Open the email on your phone and save the image to your camera roll. (Check your camera roll + see if you saved blank images. Don't worry - They should be blank!)

//If you downloaded them on your phone, save them to Lightroom CC!

3. Next, open up the Lightroom CC app and import the blank images.

4. Once they are in lightroom CC, they should appear completely normal!

5. To apply a preset to a picture, click on the three dots in the right hand corner and select “copy settings.” Next, go to the photo you want to edit, and click the three dots again, this time selecting, “paste settings.”

6. Lightroom CC has an option to "create preset." To do this, go to the three dots in the top right hand corner and select "create preset." After doing this, my presets will be saved + ready for you to use under your preset tab.

I want to see your edited photos! Tag me or use #HILLSGYPSY so I can support you! I love sharing your work on my IG!


Nazy Farnoosh Presets are final sale. No refunds or returns are available.

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HillsGypsy Presets

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Hills Gypsy Presets

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